Absences & Make-up Classes

Consistent attendance means consistent progress. It is important that students come to class regularly to realize their full potential and "keep up" with the other children in their level. Regular attendance is therefore stressed to maintain the discipline of a training schedule. As dancers progress, additional classes throughout the week are recommended so that they can maintain physical stamina and progression.

If your child is ill or unable to attend class, we ask that you call our office so that the teacher is aware. Students may make up any classes that they miss, but they must make them up during that current semester. All make-up classes must be of the same level or the level below the dancer’s current level.

Note: Makeup classes must be scheduled in advance of the makeup class by contacting the SDCYB office. Also, makeup classes cannot be scheduled before a class is missed with the exception of approved summer absences. Stretch and Strength does not qualify for a makeup.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Samantha at samantha@sdcyb.org.