All SDCYB students must adhere to the mandatory dress code outline below.

Appearance and Presentation:

  • Long hair in neat, secure ballet bun
  • No ponytails
  • Short hair pulled back off face and neck
  • No extra clothing, underclothes, skirts, tutus, or jewelry

Male Attire:

  • Black Tights or Dance Pants
  • Black Ballet Slippers with Elastic Strap
  • White Tee or Dance Shirt


Female Attire:

  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers with Elastic Strap
  • Level-Color Leotard (Style/Color)
  • Tiny Tots: CC400C/Pink
  • Pre-Ballet: CC400C/Light Blue
  • Beginning Ballet & Teen: Any Style/Black
  • Level 1A: CC100C/Burgundy
  • Level 1B: CC100C/Navy Blue
  • Level 2A: N5500C/Hunter Green
  • Level 2B: N5500C/Garnet
  • Level 3A: CC100C/Lavender
  • Level 3B: N5500/Eggplant
  • Level 4: CC100C or CC202/Royal Blue
  • Level 5/6: Any Style/Black