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John’s introduction to movement and performance began in the fourth grade where he had the great fortune of studying classical Flamenco and Folklorico Dance under his teacher Connie Ray. Then at 13 he discovered Yoga ( a practice that continues to this day) which lead to studies in Alignment, Anatomy, Classical Ballet, Dance Pedagogy, Kinesiology, Ideokinesis ( the study of imagery’s effects on the body), and Modern Dance.

In 1989 John began a professional career in Dance shortly after completing his course work at California State University Fresno. John has worked nationally and abroad in Europe and South America as a professional Dance performer, Choreographer and Educator. Here in California he has taught throughout San Diego and Los Angeles counties as a Dance Educator, Yoga Instructor, and as an Artist in Residence meeting the VAPA standards for Dance in Education for California. In 2010 his work was broadcast nationally in a documentary about the local dance project Trolley Dances on PBS. In 2011 he was a contributor to the the San Diego Union-Tribune as a First Person about his work as a choreographer and performer. He has performed with City Ballet of San Diego, Golden Corpse Butoh, Helios Dance Theater, Loretta Livingstone and Dancers, San Diego Ballet, San Diego Dance Theater, San Diego Opera, and Wendy Rogers among others.

His encounters with differing cultural models of body attitudes, awareness, alignment, and the process of navigating in the world have led to understanding functions of inner imagery, it's effects on the body, and the body's place in the world. John’s hope is to facilitate the stability, adaptability, radiance, grace, and directness inherent in everyone through movement education and dance performance.