The San Diego Civic Youth Ballet Guild is the official community involvement branch of SDCYB. The Guild is an essential link between our community and programming and provides the volunteer support necessary to increase the reach of our programs and mission.

The Guild is open to everyone, and provides opportunities for a variety of time commitment levels.  Membership in the Guild is not contingent on any financial investment, but rather on your enthusiasm, time and creative talents. We believe that shared cultural experiences contribute to a sense of community and connection to one another, and we want to be part of this with you.


Members of the SDCYB Guild have various opportunities to support the growth and sustainability of the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet on one or more of the following committees:

  • Community Engagement: Work with SDCYB Staff and Board members in all details of event planning from start to finish, establish partnerships with businesses, and cultivate community involvement.
  • Fundraising Support: Work with SDCYB Staff and Board members to strategize, develop, and implement fundraising programs and activities.
  •  Administrative: Assist SDCYB Staff with office work, marketing outreach, and other administrative tasks.
  •  Artistic: Work with SDCYB Artistic Staff while utilizing specific creative skills for various programs.

If you are an SDCYB parent, a friend, or simply a dance or arts enthusiast, we would like to invite you to join the SDCYB Guild. 

Get started today by applying to join the SDCYB Guild! Click here to view and submit a short application.